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  Rates effective until December 31, 2019




Holding Reservation Deposit: $75.00 $75.00
Damage & Clean Up  Deposit: Equal to rent Equal to rent
Set-up Rental Fee
Limited to one day prior to event
$150.00 for 1/2 of facility
$350.00 for entire facility
$350.00 day before
$350.00 takedown day after
Entire Facility $1100.00/day $1400.00/day
North half of facility w/stage $700.00/day $900.00/day
South half of facility no stage $550.00/day $700.00/day
One-Fourth of facility $275.00/day $375.00/day
Ballrooms B or C only $225.00/day $300.00/day
Ballrooms D or E $175.00/day $225.00/day

Meeting rooms:

Large $100.00/day $110.00/day


Small $85.00/day $95.00/day


Both rooms $155.00/day $175.00/day
Foyer Only $225.00/day $300.00/day
Foyer Only on Setup Day
with Full Ballroom
Kitchen A with south half
$125.00/day $125.00/day
Kitchen B with north half $175.00/day $175.00/day
(Rates are subject to change)

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