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Distribution system flushing to start Monday, Oct. 26th

The plan is to begin flushing the distribution system on Monday, October 26th we will begin on the low pressure side that is Niphon St. / Colfax St. west. This will take several days hopefully late Wednesday or Thursday we will begin on the high pressure side. Any questions please call (402)372-2466

On November Ballot –   Amending the Economic Development Program (LB 840 Program)

West Point voters will be asked to approve a change to the city’s economic development program (LB 840 program) when they head to the polls for November’s general election.
West Point’s City Council approved the ballot question during a special meeting in August.
Neither the goals nor the duration of the economic development program will change under the proposal that voters will consider.  Nor does the proposal include any plan to raise the city’s local sales tax rate, which is currently 1.5%.
The change is needed, the council agreed with its 6-0 vote to put the matter before voters, because the local sales tax is now raising more money for economic development than the city can use for that purpose.
Currently, one-sixth of the 1.5% local sales tax collected goes into the economic development fund. That would still be the case should voters approve the change in November’s general election.
Voters in 2012 approved that plan, which also included a cap of $134,500 that could be spent from the economic development program.
That figure was based on an estimate of how much one-sixth of the 1.5% sales tax would generate.
But because the city’s receipts from local sales taxes have grown, one-sixth of 1.5% is now generating more revenue than the $134,500 that it can spend under the plan approved in 2012.
However, the excess collected can’t be spent for economic development purposes unless voters approve raising the $134,500 cap.
If the change is approved, the full amount collected for economic development will be available.
In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2020, the portion of the city sales tax that went to LB840 was $178,986, which was $44,486 more than what the city can spend under the current plan. The city also collected $39,361 more than it can spend for economic development in fiscal year 2018-2019.
That money collected in excess of the $134,500 cap can’t be spent. Money from LB840 has been awarded in grants and loans to help several local businesses get started and others expand.
City Administrator Tom Goulette said there is interest from some others in applying for LB840 funds but that any applications taken will have to be put on hold because there isn’t enough LB840 funds. However, if the city’s ballot issue passes, it would free up the money that has been collected in excess of the $134,500 cap now in place.

Multiple options available for utility customer payments.

As a reminder to our utility customers, we have multiple options for paying your bill. You can pay online by clicking here.

You may also drop your payment off in our outside dropbox located at the northeast corner of our building directly from your car. If you drive through the back alley from Sheridan Street, you will be able to drop your payment in our large brown metal dropbox as you turn the corner into our parking lot.

You can also set up automatic payments to be withdrawn on the 12th of each month. If you need help over the phone to make a payment, we can also assist you with that as well at (402)372-2466.

Sunshine Senior Center, City Library, and City Office status

Due to the great risk of community spread of the COVID-19 virus, the City of West Point has put the following actions in place to protect the staff and community:
1. The City Office will be open to receive utility payments at the west door only starting Monday, June 22nd. Other business can be made by appointment by calling (402)372-2466
2. The utility after-hours emergency answering service is still available by calling 402-372-6009 to report any water, street, sewer, or electrical emergency.
3. Utilities bills may be placed in the brown drop box at the northeast corner of City Office at 444 S. Main Street or paid online through the webpage ci.west-point.ne.us (See the Pay Online tab at the top of the page, then click on the Lights/Water -- then on the left hand side is a payment tab for all options of payment). If you have an issue with paying your utility bill, please contact the City Office 402-372-2466.

En Espanol

The John A Stahl library hours are Mon. - Fri. 10 am - 5 pm and Sat. 9 am - noon.
The Sunshine Senior Center is closed. There will be senior meals, but no activities, or transportation services available during this time. Senior Citizens can call (402)372-3800 if they have any questions.

West Point City Council Meeting Oct. 6 at 5:30 pm at  the Nielsen Community Center, 200 Anna Stalp Ave.

Public Records Request Form

To request public records, you will need to complete a request form and provide it to the City Clerk. You can print a request form by clicking here


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Rebate programs available

Here are some incentives for our West Point electric customers that is offered through the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska. To get more information visit the agencies web site here.

Free WiFi access available

Sparklight cable and Skywaveinternet service providers have supplied a free WiFi hot spot outside of the Nielsen Center building that can be accessed from the building parking lot. Look for the the network named Sparklight Free WiFi to access the free internet or Skywave.

West Point Manganese Public Notice For Drinking Water

El siguiente aviso público es con la intención de proporcionar información y recomendaciones para los habitantes de West Point con respecto a las pruebas recientes de muestras para detectar manganeso en el agua potable.

West Point Consumer Confidence Report and Manganese

West Point Water Test Results

City of West Point - 444 S. Main St, West Point, Nebraska 68788 - Phone (402)372-2466