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Job Announcement - Police Officer

The City of West Point, Nebraska is accepting applications for the position of police officer. Prior experience and certification by the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center preferred but not mandatory. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions and possess a valid Nebraska driver’s license.  Benefits include health and life insurance, retirement, vacation, sick leave, personal leave, paid holidays, and uniforms.  Salary depending on experience.  Applicants may apply at City of West Point, 444 S. Main Street, P.O. Box 327, West Point, Nebraska 68788 until filled.  For further details contact Chief of Police, Mike Fisher, at 402-372-2415.  

Park Board offering tree sponsorship program

The City Park Board is taking applications to sponsor a tree planting on city owned right of way bordering individuals own homes or businesses. Park Board will evaluate planting sites for suitability. Trees will be planted in the spring. Property owner agrees to water the tree(s) as needed for two growing seasons. For more information, click here to view the application form

Multiple options available for utility customer payments.

As a reminder to our utility customers, we have multiple options for paying your bill. You can pay online by clicking here.

You may also drop your payment off in our outside dropbox located at the northeast corner of our building directly from your car. If you drive through the back alley from Sheridan Street, you will be able to drop your payment in our large brown metal dropbox as you turn the corner into our parking lot.

You can also set up automatic payments to be withdrawn on the 12th of each month. If you need help over the phone to make a payment, we can also assist you with that as well at (402)372-2466.

West Point City Council Meeting Tuesday, October 5 at 5:30 pm. at the Municipal Building - 444 S. Main St, West Point NE

Public Records Request Form

To request public records, you will need to complete a request form and provide it to the City Clerk. You can print a request form by clicking here

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Rebate programs available

Here are some incentives for our West Point electric customers that is offered through the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska. To get more information visit the agencies web site here.

Free WiFi access available

Sparklight cable and Skywaveinternet service providers have supplied a free WiFi hot spot outside of the Nielsen Center building that can be accessed from the building parking lot. Look for the the network named Sparklight Free WiFi to access the free internet or Skywave.

Bottled water recommendations have been lifted. West Point City water meets treatment requirements

The bottled water recommendation is no longer required for West Point City water consumers. The NDEE has reviewed and approved the treatment system and field testing along with results from the Water Plant have consistently indicated that the manganese is at safe levels for consumers.

                                                                                                                Tom Goulette, City Administrator

A state-of-the-art water treatment facility went into service in West Point this spring. The idea for this facility originated in spring 2018 through a West Point city council discussion of local water quality, particularly high manganese levels in the municipal wells. Manganese is not regulated as part of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Though at low levels it is an essential nutrient, at high levels there are taste and color issues, and at even higher levels it can negatively impact the nervous system. 

Before building the facility, the water system completed a pilot study. This study is a test of the proposed treatment design which allows for any adjustments that may need to be made prior to construction and placing it into service. This not only saves cost in the long run, but it also helps to ensure that the new treatment facility can effectively remove the contaminant(s) in question to below health-based levels. 

Generally, a project of this scope takes three to five years to complete. The treatment facility was built on an accelerated timeline without sacrificing quality thanks to the West Point water utility's dedication and coordination with the State for project review and approval. 

I want to congratulate Tom Goulette and his team and design engineer John Zwingman Advanced Consulting Engineering Services for a job well done!   

-Sue Dempsey, DHHS Drinking Water Division


Una instalación de vanguardia para tratamiento de agua entró en servicio en West Point esta primavera.  La idea para la creación de esta instalación inicio en la primavera del 2018 a raíz de una plática del concejo municipal de West Point sobre la calidad de agua local, particularmente sobre los altos niveles de manganeso en los pozos de reservorio del municipio.  El manganeso no está regulado como parte del Acta de Agua para Beber Segura (Safe Drinking Water Act en inglés).  A niveles bajos, es un nutriente esencial, pero en niveles altos ocurren cambios en sabor y color, y a niveles aún más altos, puede afectar al sistema nervioso.

Antes de construir esta instalación, el sistema de agua completó un estudio piloto.  Este estudio fue para probar el diseño de tratamiento propuesto, el cual permitirá hacer los ajustes necesarios previos a la construcción e inicio de servicios.  No solamente ahorrará dinero a largo plazo, sino que también ayudará a asegurarse que esta nueva instalación de tratamiento podrá remover de manera efectiva, el (los) contaminante(s) en cuestión a niveles saludables.Generalmente, un proyecto de este tipo toma de tres a cinco años en completarse.  La instalación de tratamiento se construyó con una meta de tiempo acelerada sin sacrificar la calidad gracias a la dedicación y coordinación de la compañía de agua de West Point con el Estado para la revisión y aprobación del proyecto. ¡Quiero felicitar a Tom Goulette y su equipo y al ingeniero de diseño John Zwingman Advanced Consulting Engineering Services por un trabajo bien hecho!-Sue Dempsey, DHHS Drinking Water Division Administrator



City of West Point - 444 S. Main St, West Point, Nebraska 68788 - Phone (402)372-2466